…i was going through some old papers today, and found this. dated april, 1999. written by yours truly.

Fuck you

For those blue eyes

And for the smirks – nasty little smiles.

Cause you know

You’re all that and a bag of chips.

Cause you know

What it takes to make me speechless.

Cause you know

With the right touch, the right look, the right words…..

My walls fall down.

My clothes fall off.

Littering your floor with my pretty little things,

Worn to impress only you.

You, who is never impressed.

You, who takes my body and my mind,

And turns me inside out.

You taste me, ruin me, challenge me, please me.

You tear me apart.

Then, finally, you leave me,

In a giant heap, on that same floor.

Tattered, torn, bruised, euphoric.

The rollercoaster grinds to a halt.


One thought on “tracks.

  1. chantalho says:

    Wow! Old flame? LOVE it!

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